Tales of the Dead Sea at Gossip Grill

Saturday, October 26th 2019 9:00pm to 11:45pm

Guests will walk into Dead Man's Wharf under the watchful eye of a Pirate Skeleton. They will then walk through the wharf, filled with flickering lanterns, fish netting, and old buoys. As they enter the back of the bar, they will come upon Pirates Cove. The balcony will be transformed into our very own Ghost Pirate Ship with the Captain at the helm. Flame holding Pirates will be repelling down the side of the building. The back fire pit will be the ship's unloading dock. A large skeleton dog will be guarding a treasure chest overflowing with gold, silver coins and lots of jewels. Crates of whiskey and rum bottles will be closely guarded by the skeleton crew. Skulls will be burning in the fire pit to remind people what happens if someone tries to steal their loot! Then head towards the dance floor which will be transformed into The Mermaid Lagoon. As you stand on the Ocean Floor, the DJ booth will be adorned with coral reef. Look up and you will see all the dead sea creatures swimming around. Look out for the mermaid skeletons, fish, sharks, and seaweed looming above.

Gossip Grill

Since conception in 2009, Gossip Grill has turned into a favorite local hangout for girls, boys, and everything in between. Notorious for being the girl’s home base, Gossip Grill plays nice with boys too!

The perfect combination of ambiance and tastes will have you crawling back for more. Decked out with feminine inspired, post-Dada art and serving up modern American Comfort Food that will send your taste buds dancing.

Just like Gossip Grill’s Big brother and Sister, Urban Mo’s and Baja Betty’s, the spirits are poured to your liking. Boasting a full line of Three Olives Vodka and a wide selection of beer, you’re bound to find something enjoyable to get your lips around.

Feeling a little racy? –Be sure to check out the PG rated version of the drink menu, you’ll be talking about it for weeks!

1220 University Ave, San Diego, CA, 92103 (619) 260.8023 Website