Hillcrest CityFest


Mark your calendar for Hillcrest’s annual CityFest taking place in the heart of Hillcrest! Hillcrest CityFest is a huge celebration of community spirit through music, arts, crafts, and food and attracts 150,000+ attendees each year. CityFest 2018 will be on Sunday, August 12, 2018, from noon – 11 pm. This is San Diego's LARGEST and BEST street fair and music festival-- stretching nearly 3/4's of a mile in size on over five city blocks! Also, be sure to find the Hillcrest Town Council Dunk Tank! We'll be raising funds for HTC activities and you'll have the opportunity to "dunk" members of our board and other community leaders!


As San Diego’s colorful and urban epicenter, Hillcrest is the place to eat, shop, play and stay. Whether it’s a just another Sunday and you’re looking for that bottomless mimosa or you’re hoping to attend the next big event in HIllcrest, Fabulous Hillcrest will get you there!

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