ICSD Coronation Presents: In Town Show at the Merrow

Thursday, February 8th 2018 6:00pm to 9:00pm

The Board Members And Monarchs of the Imperial Court de San Diego, invite Out of Town Visitors and Members of the San Diego Community to attend the In-Town Show as a kick off to Coronation Weekend. 

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Come Out & Celebrate the Successes of Empress Angel Fairfax & Emperor Jay Heimbach and meet the Candidates for Reign 46.

Be Entertained by Local Performers from the San Diego Community and Current & Past Monarchs & Royales of the Imperial Court de San Diego.

A Light Buffet will also be served...

$8 donation is Requested @ The Door


The Merrow is a bar and live music venue in the San Diego uptown area.

1271 University Avenue, San Diego, CA, 92103 (619) 299.7372 Website