Turkey Shuffle at Flicks

Thursday, November 23rd 2017 8:00pm to 2:00am

Turkey Shuffle! Hillcrest is closed down, but Flicks is OPEN! Thanksgiving night we celebrate with a bunch of leftovers, DJ's, GoGo's and the ONLY Party in Hillcrest! Don't miss the party! No Cover and of couse we pour them strong! So get ready for one crazy night!


Flicks prides itself on having something to offer everybody in the gay and lesbian community each night of the week. Our goal at Flicks is to ensure that everybody feels welcome and has an enjoyable time.

As San Diego’s Original Video Gay Bar, we offer the largest selection of music videos in town. While the daily events may change over the years in reaction to the economy and the needs of the community, one thing never changes at Flicks: we are a bar designed for everyone, playing some of the greatest music videos in town, and will always maintain a friendly and welcoming staff.

1017 University Ave, San Diego, CA, 92103 (619) 297.2056 Website