Tantrums & Tiaras: Battle of the Bar Queens at the Observatory North Park

February 19, 2017 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Tantrums & Tiaras: Battle of the Bar Queens is an event like no other. What can you expect to see? A high-quality spoof of beauty pageants, of course, complete with a “talent” showcase. Local companies sponsor contestants, none of whom have any experience, as they compete to be crowned the next community Queen! 

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In collaboration with Mo's Universe, you can expect an evening of wigs, glitter and hilarity, all for a great cause! Join the fun and cheer for your favorites. 

For more information contact Ian Johnson at ijohnson@thecentersd.org or visit events.thecentersd.org/tantrums. Get tickets here

Observatory North Park

The Observatory North Park was built in 1928. It has been fully renovated and with a new tiered and open floor, can accommodate 1100 concertgoers.

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